All payments are accepted via PayPal.  

Book Reviews:

Please note: At this time, book reviews are only accepted in PDF.

Book Reviews








I review nonfiction and fictional books. Please include ‘book review’ in the subject line, a brief description of your inquiry and the PDF version of your book.

($75.00) for books twenty-five chapters and under

($100.00) for books over twenty-five chapters

–  All reviews are professionally done with a turnaround rate of 30 to 60 days beginning on the date of acceptance of your book

–  All reviews will then be posted on all of my social networking sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram

–  Once review is posted, a link will be provided to you via email

Developmental Editor (non-fiction and fiction books):

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$20.00 (per hour)

–  Assists author with the beginning stages of developing ideas for novel

–  Assists author in outlining novel from beginning till end

–  Assists author in organizing text, characters, and plot

–  If author has written manuscript, then will assist in paragraph organization, sentence structure, and overall flow of the novel










At this time, a fee of $2,500 for novel writing, which consists of:

–  Phone and or email consultation regarding project based on client’s need

–  Contractual agreement between ghostwriter and client

–  A duration of five to six months for completed project

–  Collaboration between ghostwriter and author in establishing content, tone, style, if needed minimal editing, and over all completion of written work

–  An understanding that ghostwriter is not in any way required to partake in publishing, marketing or promoting of client’s work outside of what is agreed upon with the contract

Blog Posts:









Fee for blog posts are negotiable 

–  The agreed upon fee between bloggers also includes the ability to cross-promote on social media sites for included parties

–  Blog posts range from: informative, evergreen, how-tos, to tips


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