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Patricia Jordan was Lola Jordan’s mother. Here she is in the photo honoring her mother with the first Patricia Jordan Foundation Gala. Click the image to check out my interview with Lola!








Shanetta Walker (left) Shequila Rush (right)

Looking for a thoughtful and creative gift for birthdays, parties, or a prom? Well, look no further. S and S Creationz is a business that caters to that! Decorative wine glasses for any occasion! Click the image to find out more about their business and how you can purchase one of their glasses!






Beauty and Fashion Blogger, Tessa Viole




Meet Luxe Beauty and Fashion Blogger, Tessa Viole! Click the image to find out how she started in the industry, what she’s up to now, and the advice she has for those unsure about whether they should follow their passion.







Being able to communicate effectively is important. But what does it mean to communicate effectively, and how do we make sure we are doing it efficiently? Bob Paff provides valuable insight into ways people can communicate with one another in his book “Communicating To Win: In Life, Love, and Business.” Take a look at this video to hear more, and then go to to learn more about how communicating can transform your life.


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